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 Based in Walnut Creek 

Serving the Bay Area & NYC

About me.

I've always had a passion for neat and orderly spaces. Ever since elementary school, I have enjoyed helping friends organize and declutter their living spaces (as well as maintain my own such living space). I've found that an organized and serene living space can create not only visual pleasure, but also help to decrease the chaos and stress that one can experience from disorganization and clutter. By offering guidance during the process, we will create a more intentional, functional and calming environment. Together we will design systems that fit your personality and lifestyle. Finally, we will plan and implement storage systems in order to help maintain your new orderly space. 


The process of decluttering and eliminating can be emotionally difficult. My background as a Social Worker has proven to be useful if feelings arise during this process. 

To top it off, I will try my best to make this as fun as possible :)


Happy Clients.

 "I highly recommend her for her attention

to detail, creativity and ability to organize anything,

   from closets, to clothes, to bookshelves, and more."

- Laila 

"Because of her patience and positive energy, what could have

been an overwhelming and unhappy task instead became a fun

and uplifting experience.. I felt lighter

and happier, and my closets were transformed!"

 - Lily

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under sink
organized files

 Organized Spaces.


Personal Space 

Closet Space

Kitchen Space

Office Space

What to expect.

  • Contact me via phone or email to schedule your 30 min free phone consult

  • During the consult we'll discuss details of the projects and create a rough plan (including approximate time frame of sessions & cost estimates)

  • NO PREP NECESSARY. I want your space as-is! (Clean clothes for closet organization & clean dishes for kitchen organization)

  • Together we will declutter, organize and simplify your spaces

  • Having feelings? That's OK and totally normal. Tackling clutter sometimes means tackling emotions. I will help create a safe, non-judgmental environment where you can feel those feelings. I'll make sure we check-in throughout the process

  • We will create multiple piles (donate, recycle, trash) and categorize items to help streamline the process (arts&crafts, electronics, etc.). Please be prepared with bags to be used for trash, recycling & donations.

  • Once your spaces are transformed, we will explore and implement storage ideas & options to help you maintain your new orderly spaces! If needed we will discuss storage items to purchase (bins, jars, shelving). Purchasing services & rates can be discussed.

  • Breathe and smile. You did it!



  • Less time spent looking for "lost" items (articles of clothing, work report, cooking spice, phone charger, special momento, etc.)

  • More time to devote to other (more enjoyable) projects & activities

  • Increased sense of calm & decreased frustration 

  • More available physical space for items of importance/ less clutter in your space

  • Rid yourself of unwanted/unused items

  • Increased comfort & enjoyment to host friends and family