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  • Contact me via phone or email to schedule your 30 min free phone consult

  • During the consult we'll discuss details of the projects and create a rough plan (including approximate time frame of sessions & cost estimates)

  • NO PREP NECESSARY. I want your space as-is! (Clean clothes for closet organization & clean dishes for kitchen organization)

  • Together we will declutter, organize and simplify your spaces

  • Having feelings? That's OK and totally normal. Tackling clutter sometimes means tackling emotions. I will help create a safe, non-judgmental environment where you can feel those feelings. I'll make sure we check-in throughout the process

  • We will create multiple piles (donate, recycle, trash) and categorize items to help streamline the process (arts&crafts, electronics, etc.). Please be prepared with bags to be used for trash, recycling & donations.

  • Once your spaces are transformed, we will explore and implement storage ideas & options to help you maintain your new orderly spaces! If needed we will discuss storage items to purchase (bins, jars, shelving). Purchasing services & rates can be discussed.

  • Breathe and smile. You did it!



  • Less time spent looking for "lost" items (articles of clothing, work report, cooking spice, phone charger, special momento, etc.)

  • More time to devote to other (more enjoyable) projects & activities

  • Increased sense of calm & decreased frustration 

  • More available physical space for items of importance/ less clutter in your space

  • Rid yourself of unwanted/unused items

  • Increased comfort & enjoyment to host friends and family 


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